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Leveraging Insights

With a foundation rooted in Behavioral Analysis, Resolution leverages deep customer insights to understand your targeted audience segments at a level that drives connection, engagement and action. The bottom line is that we help you understand your customers more deeply than ever before.

Illustrating a Clear Brand Identity

We work collaboratively with you in delivering digital media marketing that accurately and effectively articulate your brand identity. Our team of Interactive Digital Agency Professionals will help bring your brand to life online by focusing on the core of your business, brand positioning and visual identity, and in delivering clear, on-target messages to your audience wherever they are online.

Our Branding Digital Media Campaigns and Identities.

Our digital marketing campaigns go beyond just branding. We integrate your branding across branded search, search retargeting, display ads and rich media, uncovering the appropriate mix for reaching your audiences. And we integrate across Search, Social Media and Mobile to ensure all customer engagements are leveraged.

•Customer Engagement
•Behavioral Data and Consumer Analytics & Analysis
•online Media Planning
•Bid Management
•online Audience Targeting
•Creative Online Ad Development and Testing
•Landing Page Testing

Social Media and Corporate Branding:

Be Interesting

Social Media is just like TV, Movies, or Magazines. If it’s not entertaining, informational or intriguing nobody is going to stay tuned in. You need to create and share quality content if you want people to follow you, engage with you which in turn grows your branding and exposure. If you’re an expert at something share tips, ideas and info on that topic in an interesting and fun way.  If you’re funny then be funny, If you have a good grasp on things, then inspire & motivate people loves and appreciate that.

Get to know your audience, well.

So you have Friends, Likes or Followers but what does it all really mean if you’re disconnected from them?  No matter who you are , take some time to get to know your audience. Ask them what they think about topics, or decisions you’re going to make. Show them their opinion matters. Provide feedback and replies to their engagement with you, show them you’re listening. Lastly pick a few each day or week to actually get to know. Find out where they live, what they do for a living, and how they’re doing. It’s an amazing way to create brand champions and fans. They will genuinely appreciate you.

Be Transparent

Transparency is VERY sexy for brands. People want to talk to & listen to REAL people behind real brands – Not Big Bad Corporate Logos. Social Media transparency can mean a lot of different things to many different people. But to my social media firm & myself it means letting your personality shine, engaging with people, being cute or funny, and sometimes putting it out there.  People love fun, exciting and real and are far more likely to tune in and even engage with you if you are. If you like something as a brand or as a whole and it’s not political or really controversial then put it out there. If someone tweets your brand something funny, don’t be afraid to retweet it or share it.

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