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SEO & Web Design Review

I have been working with Kinteractive Agency for many years and have to say that the Agency team headed by Todd is professional, on time and have provided us with spectacular results specific to our website marketing and design.At first, before we came aboard, we were hesitant but took a chance and it turned out to be a great decision as we are very happy with the continued success. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Barb Dawson
Owner / Dawson Limited

Remax : SEO, Web Design & Agency Marketing

“Since I have been a SEO and Digital Marketing Agency client with Kinteractive Agency for many years. Since coming aboard,  the visibility of my company website and the consistent leads have happened and every day has changed my life as well as the lives of our employees. I know it may sound too good to be true, but the SEO, traffic, and ROI we continue to get have allowed my company to see positive gains even in a down market.The internet leads are quality ones too! I initially came on board to have a website designed for my business but decided to also get SEO, a mobile app, and have my business appear in the “See Inside” of google’s places/local listing. Thanks Again to Todd’s team at Kinteractive Agency based in San Diego, CA and Virginia Beach, VA  they are the best !!” – 

Greg Flattery
Owner / Remax

Kristan Kelsch, Attorney at Law. SEO & Agency Marketing

After a long search for someone to help me promote my legal website, I took a chance on Best SEO San Diego, CA. So far everything has gone as planned and as discussed and we are seeing some amazing results in a short period of time.The head project manager, Todd was patient and explained everything we needed to do and made it very easy to implement. I have been provided with great advice on the development of my website, SEO and I am looking forward to drafting my next website in the near future complement the other half of my legal practice.Thank you again.

Kristan Kelsch,
Attorney at Law. / Kelsch Law Group

LIFE ionizers : SEO & Agency Client Testimonial

 Todd and the team at Best SEO San Diego are amazing. When they started, our company blog had a Google position in search of 180 – we were getting next to zero organic traffic. Today, our average position in search is 3.3 and traffic is spiking! It’s high-quality traffic too, sales are up. Since starting SEO services with Best SEO San Diego on 6.15.2015, the organic growth for the family of Lifeionizers websites online has been over 2400%I truly believe we might have gone under if we hadn’t have found Todd Krasovetz and Best SEO San Diego CA. If you’re serious about organic traffic to your site, I highly recommend getting in touch with them 

Leo M.
IT and Marketing / Lifeionizers : Earth Trade International

Fertile : SEO & Full Digital Agency Review

WOW! Since coming on board with Best SEO San Diego CA of San Diego, our Fertility Center has blossomed online. The SEO, Web Design, and Mobile App/ inbound leads have been OUTSTANDING!! Before we became clients, we would get 2-3 unqualified leads a day from the internet. Now we are getting about 35 -50 new leads a month- HIGHLY RECOMMENDED- Yingru Lee- Fertile-Owner

Yingru Lee
Owner / Fertile

Point Loma Yacht Club Commodore SEO Review

I don't normally do reviews, but after working with Todd, and Mike on several projects, I wanted to get the word out. Not only do they deliver on their promises, but the Bang for the Buck couldn't be more true. At first, I felt the price was a bit daunting, but after Todd explained the competition and whether I wanted to pay for top level on the first page of Google, I relented. Not only did they provide first page rankings for each of my projects, the amount of revenue created outpaced what I was paying to get those results.I highly recommend going "Balls Out" with your SEO and Social Media ideas Todd gives you. Not only will you actually MAKE MONEY from the website and Search Engine Ranking he gives you. His patience and quality of work are second to none. Three Thumbs up and you have a customer for life.

Mick Moore
Point Loma Yacht Club Commodore / Point Loma Yacht Club

ABC Review

I have been working with Todd Krasovetz and his Digital Marketing (Kinteractive Agency) Agency for many years and it goes without saying that he and his team are the most professional to work with. What has been produced is above spectacular and the projects are always on-time and within budget. I strongly recommend them for all your online marketing needs!– Missy Ricker – ABC Studios, Hollywood, CA”

Missy Ricker
Director / ABC- Disney

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