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23 10, 2015
How to optimize the home page of your website

Many ask us how to optimize the home page of your website as it is the most important element of your site.

optimize the home page of your websiteOur client, life ionizers, had specific questions about why their home page was not ranking. Understandably,  it’s the door way to your business, products and services and who you are. From a traffic stand point, it’s the most visible and has the most traffic. Statistics show that there is over a 80% drop off from your home page to your intermediate pages. It is imperative that your home page convince visitors that your website is informative and it must have the navigation and “movement” or “responsive” to get your traffic engaged and want to contact you.

A big misconception is that your home page is not just about keywords.

The main purpose of your home page is not to rank for your keywords but to welcome your visitors to your site, navigate them to the intermediate pages of your site and engage them through a “call-to-action”. Learn More

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